A personal grocery-shopping and home-cooking service—crafting delicious, nutritious meals for people living in (and visiting) beautiful Palm Springs. 


"Relax. This is your foodfrom your kitchen, to your table
But I do the work, so you can be a guest. . . in your own home!"

That's me,on my "radical sabbatical" enjoying a red with dear friends in Tulsa, OK

That's me,on my "radical sabbatical" enjoying a red with dear friends in Tulsa, OK

The Full Plate Story

Coming from a family of world-class entertainers, I’ve Loved cooking my whole life.

During a 2014-15 sabbatical from my “corporate career” I drove 37,000 miles to visit friends and family in 48 states—cooking in return for a bed.  

It reconnected me with with my college restaurant work—and zillions of hours spent studying the recipes and techniques of my “friends" Julia, Alton, Sarah, Tyler, Martha,  Ina, Graham, and the America's Test Kitchen gang! I saw, firsthand, the need for easy, comforting, home cooking.

I enjoyed the experience so much that cooking-for-others became my life’s vocation—along with giving new life to the dog-eared, cooking-stain spattered, tried-and-true recipes I find hidden in my friends' and family members' recipe boxes across America.

In pursuing my passion, I'm helping people find an easy way back to their own tables—to turn off their electronics for just a bit, put down the unhealthy convenience of frozen entrees, additive-filled fast food, and high-fat, high-sodium restaurant food. 

"Let me help YOU rediscover the pleasure of connecting with your family or friends over beautiful, nourishing home-cooked meals prepared in your kitchen. . .savored at your table.
That’s real soul food."


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Appointments available: 


Sorry. . .no Sunday or Monday.

How Does it Work?

1)  BOOKING   Just select your preferred date(s) via my online reservation form, and indicate the services / package that you're selecting.  I'll get back to you to book it, if that date is still available, or we'll find an alternate.

2)  MEAL SELECTION.  We’ll connect (phone, text, or email) to collaborate to create your completely customized menu(s). Choose from Full Plate’s menu of options. . .ask for a family favorite. . .or ask Full Plate to prepare a new recipe you want to try. You always get your choice of what you’d like to have for dinner! 

3)  CONFIRMATION.  I’ll send you a confirmation of the date(s) and time(s) we've agreed upon; along with copies of the recipes you’ve selected—so that you can confirm what’s in your pantry, and what will need to be picked up.. 

4)  GROCERIES.   Either you can pick up the necessary groceries during your regular trip to the market; or for a small service fee (to cover my time) Full Plate can pick them up for you—then you just reimburse Full Plate for the groceries (to cover the materials).

5)  COOKING & DINING:   On the appointed day, I’ll come to your kitchen to prepare your completely customized, home-cooked meal(s).   I'll clean up the kitchen, and then "exit, stage left." You just set your table, serve and enjoy your dinner, then load your dishwasher afterwards!  It's no-muss, no-fuss “destination dining” in your home!

"Eating well doesn’t require fancy or complicated culinary masterpieces, just good food, using the freshest ingredients possible that are prepared with care, from the awesome recipes I’ve sourced in my culinary travels.
My aim is to help busy people relax and sit down to a delicious home-cooked meal.  So, go ahead and set the table. . . your dinner's almost ready!"

Why Full Plate?  

Let's start with beautiful, customized, home-cooked meals; fresh, high-quality ingredients; and a spotless kitchen!

  • HAPPY CLIENTS:  I'm a damn-fine cook. I'm responsible, and pretty-darned easy going. My clients regularly tell me how much they enjoy having me in their homes, for easy conversation as I cook and clean up.   Check out some:  CLIENT TESTIMONIALS

  • NO STRESS: When you're too busy or tired, leave the menu planning, shopping, chopping, and cooking to me. By creating the menu together, we can accommodate any dietary restrictions. Vegan? No sweat. Gluten-free? No worries! Low-Sodium Diet? You'll still get full flavor!  So why don't you relax and leave the work to me?   You just set your table, and then bring your meal to it.

  • NO MESS:  All pots, pans, knives, and cutting boards used to prepare your meal will be cleaned—and your counters wiped down. 

  • SAVINGS:   I use your food and your kitchen to eliminate overhead.  Since you're only paying for my time, and covering any grocery costs, Full Plate fees are minimal compared to restaurant dining and / or caterers.  

    • Plus, with Full Plate you can enjoy your cocktails and wine at home. . . without restaurants' steep-premium charges. . .and without any driving worries (or having to call a cab or Über).

  • LEFTOVERS!  You’ll generally get tasty leftovers for at least another full meal . . along with all recipes, in case you want to make any dish in the future. 

the full plate Pledge:

I use the freshest, highest-quality ingredients available; plus if I'm shopping for you, I buy on sale when I can, to save you money.

I always act in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations regarding hygiene and safe food-handling standards. (I'm licensed as required by the State of California and Riverside County, and I'm fully insured).

I respect my clients’ homes, their property, and their privacy—that means I keep confidential all the information requested by the clients. And, if I'm using a kitchen tool of yours and break or damage it. . .I'll replace it.

I make each client a priority, and return my clients’ phone calls and emails as promptly as possible.