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In-Your-Home Pet Care and House Sitting

These beautiful terriers (Molly on the left, and Tyler on the right), were my four-legged kids and boon companions when I lived in Seattle and Portland. .

These beautiful terriers (Molly on the left, and Tyler on the right), were my four-legged kids and boon companions when I lived in Seattle and Portland. .

When you go on vacation, I’ll move in to stay with your pet(s) — caring for them, and your home. 

PRICES (July 2018 - July 2019)

  • Move-in / Overnight-stay: $50-per-day/night for one animal; $15-per-day/night for each additional animal.

  • PSP Airport Drop-Off / Pick-up $15 each way

  • Daytime visit: $25 for a one-hour visit. . . which includes a walk, treats, a little loving, administering meds (if needed), and freshening the water bowl; $10 for each additional animal.

    • If you have something specific in mind, please contact me. We can discuss your specific need(s) and I’ll put together a customized proposal / rate for you, particularly if we're establishing a regular service; or if you need me to stay longer than an hour.


I strive to care for your animals as if they were my own. And when I move in for an extended stay, I try to leave your home as if no one was there the whole time you were away: right down to washing any towels and bedding that I’ve used on that final day..

  • 2 - 3 walks and daily feedings

  • Administering meds (sorry, no injections)

  • Litter-box cleaning and/ or yard “poop patrol”

  • Mail and newspaper pick-up (so you don't have to hassle with starting and stopping)

  • Plant watering (if requested)

  • Rotation of lights on-and-off; and opening / closing blinds

  • Take out the trash and recycling / bringing the cans in

  • Home security checks

  • Periodic update texts, with photos of your pet(s) on walks, or relaxing

If you need, for a small extra fee ($15 each way) I can drop you off and/or pick you up at the airport (PSP - Palm Springs International only). . . it's one less thing to worry about. Plus you don't need to hassle with Uber or inconvenience a friend for a ride.

If you need periodic in-home pet care during the day, I love doing that too — if my schedule permits.  


I’m a responsible “50-something” who opted-out of the upper-management corporate rat race to consciously downsize and simplify my life —to live in Palm Springs 9-10 months each year.  I bring all 22-years of my experience as a pet- and home-owner to my service for you, and your animal(s). 

I had two feisty welsh terriers, and two spoiled fox terriers during the 28-years I lived in Seattle and Portland. So I know the peace-of-mind provided when someone you trust stays in your home to care for your beloved pet(s) while you travel. (Plus, as kids, my sister and I had a toy-poodle "sibling" for 14 years, . . so I was raised to know how to love and care for an animal as a member of the family).

In 2015-16, during a mid-life spirit quest driving the country, I house and pet-sat (both dogs and cats) in Madison, WI, Portland, OR; Santa Rosa, CA; and Palm Springs, CA.  Since I no longer have animals of my own, I loved the experience — and my friends / clients were very happy with my services. 

My “day job” as proprietor of Full Plate, LLC, is to cook and grocery shop for desert residents in their homes - or for desert vacationers who've rented houses. But the nature of that work provides ample time to devote to house and pet sitting as well! 


TOM T. AND PAUL G. - Palm Springs, CA

Jay has spent extended periods house sitting and taking great care of Rusty, our Lakeland Terrier. He follows all the regular routines we outline — and sends us updates and photos.

Rusty adores Jay! And we do too, because he provides tremendous peace of mind — plus he leaves our house in better shape than when we left! We strongly recommend him to anyone who loves their animals and wants a responsible person house sitting while they travel..


ANDY W.  - Palm Springs, CA

I recently had Jay stay at my house to keep the household running smoothly and, more importantly, to be an “uncle” to my dog, Silas.

It worked out perfectly. Jay met with me before I left to easily gather information about my expectations. On the day I left, he even chauffeured me to the airport! I received pictures of Silas and updates on important issues around the house every few days while gone. Jay always replied promptly to my questions from afar.

The true test was coming home. Silas was happy to see me, but I could tell he had enjoyed Jay’s stay. (You just know). Plus everything in the house was in tip-top order. The bed had been made with clean sheets and all towels were freshly laundered. Because of his great cooking skills, I even had a yummy treat prepared by Jay, lovingly saved in my freezer. Many of my neighbors met Jay while he was walking Silas during my absence. They all commented on how friendly he’d been and how frequently they saw him out with Silas.

Not only was I thrilled and comforted by Jay’s efforts, I’ve already booked him to stay again on my next vacation, and have given his name to friends — highly recommending his service. Say “yes” to Jay!


NANCY & FRANK L.  - Palm Springs, CA

It was our good fortune to meet Jay through neighbors who use his outstanding services. Now "Uncle Jay" is greeted enthusiastically by our dogs, Molly and Chester, when he arrives. They're happy to have him all to themselves for play, care, feeding, walks... and when he lays on our sofa to read, the dogs just pile on! Even our cat, Pebbles, is comfortable with Jay in the house (and you know who's "boss" if you own a cat!)

We have great confidence in Jay's care of our pets — and his texts and pictures of the day assures us that all is well. He's thoughtful, understanding, has a great sense of humor, and gives us peace of mind. A taste of his cooking just adds to the "frosting on our cake" when Uncle Jay is in residence in our home!


RIO R. - Santa Rosa, CA

Jay cared for my house and my 2 dogs and my particularly ornery cat for 3 weeks while I traveled to the UK. Having worked with him for a number of years in Seattle, I felt completely at ease — something I don’t usually feel when others care for my critters.

Jay sent regular photos and witty updates, which gave me a snapshot into the daily goings on — I’d look forward to hearing his amusing take on my pets various adventures.

On my return, my house was immaculate, something delicious was in the oven, and my critters were all happy and well-cared for. “Uncle Jay” (which is how I refer to him when I talk to my critters) is now part of our family. When he visits, they promptly forget who I am, in favor of loving on Jay. Yeah, he's that good.

I whole-heartedly recommend having Jay take care of your pets, home…as well as his cooking! Seriously, you really can't go wrong. Three very-enthusiastic paws up!


BELINDA G. - Portland, OR

When we took a trip to Spain last year, one of our biggest concerns was leaving our 20-year-old cat, Kanji, in good hands. It was obvious a pet hotel wouldn't work and we rejected the idea of a daily drop-in because her advanced age and medication needs seemed to dictate more oversight.

Jay came to our rescue, giving us peace of mind that our old kitty would be in good hands, and our home would be safe while we were gone.

We’ve been frequent travelers over the years, and have occasionally had to send frantic email requests to friends or family to check the house, manage the trash pick up, or do drive-bys to assure our stopped paper and mail delivery hadn't mysteriously started back up. Jay's presence relieved us of any of those concerns, and we were able to thoroughly enjoy our trip without any concern about our home and pet.

Not only did Jay take us to the airport on our departure day, but we came home to a house that I suspect was cleaner than we left it! I only wish Jay still lived near us, so we could always use his services.


ROBIN W. - Madison, WI

Jay stayed in our home and watched our high-maintenance cat for a month while we were out of the country.

Not only did Jay care for the cat so well that she exhibited none of her usual "retaliation" habits in our absence, but our house and yard were actually in better condition than when we left it. If only I could have Jay all the time!


CLAUDIA P. - Madison, WI

I highly recommend having Jay look after your fur babies’ emotional and physical needs when you travel.

My kitty, Ole, suffers severe separation anxiety — which he expresses by peeing outside the litter box. I’ve learned to prepare a special rag basket for him (it’s tough to outsmart a 5-year-old cat…but hey, I’m trainable!). But when Jay’s taking care of him, Ole doesn’t feel the need to use it! His sister, Lena, thinks Jay is the cat’s meow, too — even sleeping with him, which is the ultimate kitty compliment!