Client Testimonials


Betsy C. 

A friend gave me the very thoughtful gift of several meals prepared by Full Plate after my husband passed away. 
Jay graciously accommodated my low-sodium request—and all the meals he prepared were, without exception, delicious (especially his lasagna). It was a joy to watch Jay in action in my kitchen, and to visit with him as he worked. It’s apparent he truly loves to cook, and that he cares about his clients. I heartily recommend his services, and his delicious creations.

Diana E.

We used Full Plate for a multiple-birthdays celebration at a VRBO (6 bedroom house with casita & pool) in Indio: 16 people plus a few other guests for a week. Working with Jay and using this site and his menus/recipes, my daughter and I planned a menu for the week that included a birthday feast mid-week. Every single item we chose was a BIG hit. We had to allow for an onion allergy, and Jay worked around that beautifully - creating several "no-onion" servings of requested dishes. Cornish pasties were a huge hit - as were the dilly bars, the brownies and ice cream, both bean dishes, the baked egg casseroles for breakfast/brunch, two kinds of lasagna, two kinds of enchiladas, and the pork loin. Oh, and the brie bowl, and the jalapeño poppers! Jay delivered the food in two stages since we were there so long - he's attentive to detail, a charming raconteur, warm, and knowledgeable about the local area.
The best thing about managing food this way is that as a host your time is free of the feeding-people time suck: shopping-in-a-strange-place/store, prepping food, cleaning up, and starting all over again with the next meal. Also, by eating in, you avoid the pain (and time waster In my opinion), of eating out with a large party - hard to do without renting your own room. This way, you can play, visit, swim, sight-see at will, and participate in the event, rather than WORKing the event.

Tim C. & Chris G.

If you're looking for an alternative to slaving over a hot stove, or want to save time without having to eat out at expensive restaurants, give Full Plate a try! You won't regret it!
Jay's professional, thorough, and very good at what he does, and it shows, meal-after-meal. The best part? Jay will shop and haul in the groceries for you! And that's just an appetizer of all that Full Plate offers. If other home-food services have left a bad taste in your mouth, give Jay a call and feel satisfied long after he's fully stocked your kitchen, heart, and belly with his wonderful offerings!


Full Plate helped make my Palm Springs birthday weekend SO special.  By the time my friends and I checked into our rental house, Jay had already stocked the refrigerator with all of our favorite beverages and snacks—including the most amazing homemade guacamole and decadent brownies!  

He came back to prepare a fabulous poolside dinner for us the next night—leaving us with plenty of leftovers, and even a breakfast casserole for the next morning. It was wonderful to be able enjoy the house, pool, and the company of my friends without having to worry about grocery shopping or cooking. Plus everyone still raves about how good all of the food was! 


We feel like we're on vacation when Jay visits our home!. It's a treat to come home in the evening to find Jay preparing another delicious Full Plate meal. If we had to pick favorites, we’d be torn between his incredible London Broil with Cilantro Rice or his comfy, cozy One-Dish Chicken & Stuffing Casserole. Our 9-year-old loves Jay’s New York Minute Meatloaf and his “Tulsa Chicken” creation. And I (Karen) was thrilled to join Jay in the kitchen to help him prepare a family favorite - Rigatoni With Cauliflower. 
The only thing better than the food is the conversations we've had over cocktails as Jay worked his magic in our kitchen. Oh…and the leftovers and his frittatas—divine!


Jay is a fabulous cook who’s creative and passionate about his art. He’s a master at combining flavors and customizing dishes to individual tastes. Over the more than 20 years we’ve known him, we’ve enjoyed every dish he's prepared. 
During a recent visit, Jay made his special cioppino, and then chicken with shallots (for a dinner party we hosted). Both were SO delicious! Having Jay cook for us was a wonderful experience…and having his delicious leftovers after is a real treat, too.

George Y. 

I've known Jay for several years as a neighbor and friend. Recently I enjoyed a delicious meal of my choosing—meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and roasted broccoli—along with Jay's very engaging conversation and company.  
An afternoon or evening with Full Plate, and Jay, is both a novel experience, and something that can and will be enjoyed by anyone on many levels.

Nancy B. 

It was wonderful to have Jay visit; and a delight to come home from work and walk into the heavenly smells of absolutely delicious home-cooked meals wafting from my kitchen!  I just poured wine, opened my mail, and visited with Jay as he brought the meals over the finish line.
He prepared two Full Plate meals from his repertoire for me—savory Polish cabbage rolls, and a decadent tuna noodle casserole. All I had to do was set the table, enjoy the meals, clear the table and load the dishwasher!  The leftovers were outstanding, providing me with two additional lunches, and two additional dinners. . . a total value!