Full Plate by Jay is a subscription-based service producing fine-dining. . .from your kitchen, to your table. 

Delicious, healthy, nutritious meals for people living in greater Palm Springs.


During a 2014-15 sabbatical I drove 32,000 miles to visit friends and family in 48 states—cooking in return for a bed. I learned so much along the way, and enjoyed the experience so much, that I decided to make cooking-for-others my life’s vocation.

I want to help people find a way back to their own tables; to turn off their electronics for a while, and to put down the convenience of fast food and restaurants.

On my journey, I re-discovered the true enjoyment of connecting with one another over beautiful meals prepared in our own homes. That’s real soul food.



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Appointments available: 


Sorry, no Tues. or Sun.